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Mission Statement:

The Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) is committed to creating secure, long term affordable housing for low income earners and those on fixed incomes.

The spiralling cost of land on Denman Island and the subsequent reduction of year-round affordable, adequately maintained rentals are dispossessing the working poor and those on minimum, fixed incomes. DCLTA’s affordable housing projects support workers, the integrity of neighbourhoods, the continuation of our Community School — the many ingredients of a lively, creative community. We believe that vibrant and sustainable communities need a diversity of backgrounds, age, household composition, and income.


As a land trust, DCLTA removes land from the turbulence of the real estate market and makes affordable housing opportunities available in perpetuity.

DCLTA works on many levels:

1) seeking donations to enable land acquisition and cover building/renovation

2) has completed DCLTA’s affordable housing pilot project;
3) beginning Phase I to create 8 units of affordable and appropriate seniors’ housing based on a Memorandum of Understanding with a village area landowner;
4) researching future affordable housing projects which address the many needs of the community within the context of a rural and finite island environment;
5) acquiring and administering grants which enhance affordability and housing options throughout the community and rural areas in BC.

Will Bequests


DCLTA (formally known as Denman Community Land Trust Association) was established to create a solution to the lack of affordable housing on Denman Island. Your gift in the form of a bequest contributes to the viability and diversity of this island community.

Bequests: a Multifaceted Gift

A legacy left through a will is a way to support affordable housing. Donations in wills can take the form of money, tangible assets (e.g. stocks), land or other sizeable gifts. DCLTA will issue a charitable tax receipt for all gifts made as a result of a bequest.

If you wish to add the “Denman Community Land Trust Association” to your will, you should contact your legal advisor to ensure that alteration meets all legal requirements and works in harmony with your larger estate needs.

A Board-designated contact person is available to provide assistance and information to potential donors, including meeting with anyone wishing to discuss a bequest. Your confidentiality will be respected, as guaranteed in DCLTA’s Privacy Policy.
or email questions to:

To Donate:

$10 minimum
Please make cheques out to DCLTA and mail to:
Denman Community Land Trust Association
c/o 3771 East Road
Denman Island, B.C.
V0R 1T0

or, use the envelopes in the DCLTA Red File at the Abraxas Free Post
– under “Z”


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