What the land trust will do

The DCLTA will work to create long term affordable housing for residents of Denman Island who are most at risk. In so doing the association hopes to relieve the stress and insecurity resulting from living in housing which requires more than one third of one’s income in rent and where one’s future tenure is precarious at best. By so doing we hope to retain low-income residents as valued and contributing members of our community.

Directors for 2022

Stephanie Slater (Chair)
Communications consultant. As a contractor, wrote the DCLTA’s first business plan and several of its research reports.

Dave Ricketts
Building design and construction industry leader – founder of RDH Building Science and Cascadia Windows

Sue Hammell
Former teacher and former NDP MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers. Her cabinet positions included Minister of Housing

Paul Beauchemin
Retired environmental engineer and former co-owner of The Laughing Oyster Bookstore and Pacific Conserver Products in Courtenay.

Debbie Frketich
Retired school principal, school accreditation team leader and practicum supervisor at VIU.

Daryl McLoughlin (Treasurer)
Former owner of the Denman Island General store and experienced businessman

Nancy Hoyano (Secretary)
Retired Teacher/Teacher Consultant, Instructor and Department Chair at Langara College.

Chris Wardman
Musician, record producer, and former Senior Manager of New Media at Universal Music Canada.

Pam Willis
Former non-profit society Executive Director (social services), College Principal, experience building and managing social housing.

DLCTA Meeting Minutes



DCLTA AGM minutes 11.09.2022 Draft

DCLTA AGM minutes August 16

DCLTA AGM report 2022

DCLTA Board mtg. minutes Nov.03

DCLTA Board mtg. minutes Oct.06.2022

DCLTA BalanceSheet Jan 1 to Feb 12 2022

DCLTA Board Mtg.minutes Sept 1, 2022

DCLTA Board mtg. minutes 08.2.2022

DCLTA Board mtg. minutes 07.05.2022

DCLTA Board mtg. minutes 06.03.2022

DCLTA Board mtg. minutes 04.28.2022

DCLTA Board mtg. minutes 03.10.2022

DCLTA Board mtg. minutes 02.03.2022

DCLTA Board mtg. minutes 01.13.2022


AGM report 2021.06

DCLTA Minutes 12.02.2021

DCLTA Minutes 11.04.2021

DCLTA minutes 09.07.2021

DCLTA AGM Treasurer’s Report – June 8, 2021

DCLTA Minutes 07.06.2021

DCLTA AGM minutes 6.15.2021

DCLTA minutes 05.04.2021

DCLTA mtg minutes Apr.6.2021

DCLTA Minutes of March 4, 2021

DCLTA mtg minutes March 21, 2021

DCLTA Mtg. Minutes Jan.5.2021


DCLTA Meeting Minutes Dec.5.2020

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DCLTA Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws –amended

Privacy Officer Denman Community Land Trust Association

DCLTA Privacy commitment to members

The DCLTA will:

~ protect the confidentiality of your personal information
~ keep you informed about our privacy policies and practices
~ let you see your personal information

The DCLTA will not collect, use, or disclose your information without your consent, unless required or authorized by law.

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Inquiries, complaints or access requests should be addressed to:

c/o 3771 East Road
Denman Island, B.C.
V0R 1T0

E-mail: privacyofficer@denmanaffordablehousing.org

DCLTA Conflict of Interest Policy

DCLTA has a stringent Conflict of Interest Policy.

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DCLTA Tenant Selection Criteria

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DCLTA submissions to government

Click here to view DCLTA’s brief to the June 13, 2016 Trust Forum on Community Housing

Click here to view DCLTA’s August 31, 2016 submission to the Federal Government’s Let’s Talk Housing

Click here to view DCLTA’s delegation to the September 13, 2017 Trust Council Meeting