New Seniors Affordable Housing Project Planned for Denman Island

Sept. 17, 2023

Denman Island, B.C. – The Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) has signed an agreement for the donation of a property to be used for a seniors’ affordable housing project. Emcon Services Inc. has committed to donate a portion of its property on Denman Island pending successful re-zoning and subdivision approval. 

Emcon Services owns the works yard at 3661 Piercy Road. It is zoned for institutional use.  Emcon has agreed to donate the western portion of the site to the DCLTA if the Islands Trust approves subdividing the property and re-zoning the lot intended for seniors housing. This land is next to the Denman Island Health Centre and backs onto the property owned by the Denman Housing Association for Denman Green – another planned affordable housing project. This portion of the site is not used by tenant Mainroad Services, whose operations would not be affected by the proposed project.

“Emcon Services continues to work with local communities to provide needed diverse services,” said Frank Rizzardo, President of Emcon Services Inc. “We are pleased to be able to assist DCLTA in their most recent activities and goals of meeting the need of seniors’ housing.” 

The DCLTA has started work to prepare a subdivision and re-zoning proposal to the Islands Trust.

Funds donated to the DCLTA to purchase property for a previous seniors housing development will instead be put toward this project. The former project – called Pepper Lane – was cancelled late last year when the landowner decided not to proceed with the subdivision and sale of the proposed property. 

The DCLTA is considering various options for this new project for seniors. Design will be based on community input with consideration of the lot size and lot features. 

Work required to take the project to the proposal stage includes a site survey, water assessment, plans for water, stormwater and septic systems, environmental assessment, preliminary building design – and more. 

“It’s a long and demanding process but we feel very optimistic,” said Stephanie Slater, Co-Chair of the DCLTA. “We have an experienced board and a generous land donor. What’s more, we appear to be at a stage where governments at all levels are more acutely aware that they need to help get projects like ours off the ground. There is a profound need for affordable housing everywhere. Let’s meet that need.”

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