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December 1, 2017

Island Grapevine

November 30, 2017

DCLTA Silent Auction - the results!

Once again, Denman Island has proven itself to be a community of incredibly hard-working and generous people.

On November 18th, the Denman Community Land Trust Association Silent Auction raised $15,000 to go toward the purchase of the two acres for DCLTA’s proposed Seniors’ Affordable Housing project. The credit belongs to the community to the many people who donated goods, artwork, crafts, services, the evening’s snacks and provided assistance with running the auction.

Also to be recognized are the people behind the scenes who gave their time and energy to bring it all together phoning potential donors and collating lists of auction articles, keeping the website up-to-date, moving auction items, curating and cleaning up after the event.

And, of course, thank-you to those who participated in the auction by bidding. It couldn’t have happened without all of you!

Auction proceeds went directly into the acquisition fund, which now holds one quarter of the purchase price of the property.

submitted by Roberta Pagdin

Island Grapevine

November 16, 2017


November 2017

DCLTA Silent Auction

“Everything for the Home”

Well, Denman Islanders - coming up soon is an all-day event well worth getting up for. The Denman Community Land Trust Association will be holding a Silent Auction on Saturday, November 18th. All proceeds will go to the Acquisition Fund to purchase two acres for DCLTA’s proposed Seniors’ Affordable Housing project.

Most of us will, or have already, become seniors. And for many people, it becomes a challenge to find appropriate, affordable housing. In a fortuitous sequence of events, we have a wonderful opportunity here on Denman to make seniors’ affordable housing a reality. Bev Severn, who owns and lives on a semi-secluded acreage close to “downtown” Denman, generously offered to sell two acres to the DCLTA at a below-market price. DCLTA accepted Bev’s offer and in 2013 began work on this project, which is now well along in the process. They have achieved exclusion of the land from the Agricultural Land Reserve, obtained the design for a sewage disposal system, drilled an 80 ft. well and applied for the necessary rezoning. But there is still much to be done before the vision becomes a reality - and your help is needed!

The venue for this event will be the Denman Activity Centre. In the lounge, you will find Goods and Services being auctioned off. Here is your opportunity to get a deal on fir firewood, tickets to the next Readers and Writers Festival, boxes of heritage apples, a private dinner party served by Ivanna, paddle board lessons, landscaping, a case of wine. These are just a few teasers - there are approximately fifty items in all!

In the main hall (gym), you will find significant donations from John Graham’s estate, many art contributions from Denman artists and sundry items. Are you in the market for carpets or furniture? Take a look at some beautiful oriental carpets, a bamboo side table and a locally crafted china/ book case. Some other items from the Graham estate include sets of crystal, collectable Christmas ornaments and a “like new” Kuwahara bicycle. Have you been yearning for something special created by one of our local artists? Consider a large, colourful platter for table or wall, a beautifully woven gathering basket, a pair of decorative felted pillows, perhaps a painting or photograph for the focal point in your home. And the list goes on…. There are over seventy items to peruse in the hall.

Please note that there will not be a “Buy It Now” option, as happened in an earlier silent auction.

So mark your calendars! Then corner your cousin in Courtenay and call your friends on Hornby. Let’s have a great turn-out for a worthwhile event. Saturday November 18th, from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. in the Denman Activity Centre. Light refreshments will be served between 5 and 8.

Successful bidders may pick up their items soon after bidding closes at 8 p.m. Please plan to make your payment with cash or cheque.

The Silent Auction Catalogue can be viewed at:

submitted by Roberta Pagdin


October 2017

Denman Community Land Trust Association

Affordable Housing Update

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) is dedicated to creating affordable housing for low-income earners on Denman Island. Housing projects undertaken by DCLTA are designed to suit the size of the land parcel, the nature of the neighbourhood, the environmental values, the location and, when not in conflict with DCLTA’s mandate, donor’s wishes.

DCLTA’s current project will create 8 units (4 duplexes) of seniors’ affordable housing. Since 2014, the DCLTA board and many community volunteers have worked to move this proposal forward. (For details please visit our website

September was a busy month for DCLTA and the proposed Seniors’ Affordable Housing Project.

* On September 6th, DCLTA submitted an application to amend the Denman Island Land Use Bylaw to obtain the change in zoning needed for the project.

* On September 13th, DCLTA’s Bylaw Amendment Committee met with Ann Kjerulf (Trust Northern Office, Regional Planning Manager) and Marnie Eggen (Trust Planner for Denman) on the land and discussed details of the project and the necessary bylaw amendment.

* Also on September 13th, DCLTA made a presentation at the Trust Council quarterly meeting, held this time on Denman Island. The Council is made up of the 26 local trustees from the 13 major islands which comprise the Trust area. DCLTA’s presentation emphasized two steps the Trust Council could take in support of affordable housing initiatives: 1) amend the Trust Policy Statement to include recognition of the need for affordable housing as part of a diverse and healthy community, and 2) create a model affordable housing first policy for local trust committees to consider adopting in order to fast track applications for affordable housing projects.

* On September 17th, DCLTA sponsored a Community Information Meeting. While we have consistently provided the community with project updates, this meeting is a formal step in the bylaw amendment application process. The meeting presented the proposal, invited questions, comments and gauged community support for the project. Fifty-one residents attended and expressed support for the proposal. Owners of a neighbouring lot expressed concerns about potential laneway traffic, their wish to continue to use the lane to access their property and the need to evaluate water availability for the ‘village’ area.

* On September 22nd, DCLTA hosted its sixth annual Phantom Ball. We set a new non-attendance record! As always, those who had nothing to wear, caused quite a stir. The free champagne (Veuve Clicquot) for all who attended added to the festivities. Special guest D. Trump was conspicuous by his absence. However, rumour has it that Harry Potter danced the night away beneath his invisibility cloak. Thank you to all who bought tickets. For a modest fee, we will neither name you nor comment on your rather shocking behaviour at the gala.

submitted by Harlene Holm

Island Grapevine

September 7, 2017


September 2017

September 17th Community Information Meeting

Proposed Seniors’Affordable Housing Bylaw Amendment

Denman community members have three formal opportunities to comment on the bylaw amendment application from Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) to create 8 units/4 duplexes:

  1. -a DCLTA-sponsored Community Information Meeting (CIM);

  2. -a Trust sponsored CIM, once the bylaw amendment process is underway; and

  3. -Public Hearing, at the time that the Local Trust Committee considers giving third reading to the bylaw (provided that the amendment process has received first and second readings).
    The two CIMs provide opportunities to ask questions, suggest ideas and raise concerns.

The DCLTA-sponsored CIM is scheduled for 3:00 pm on Sunday, September 17th, at the Activity Centre. DCLTA chose a Sunday afternoon in order to provide a time when most people can attend. There will be maps and other visuals, a brief introduction to the project and an open session for questions and input. The DCLTA board and many other volunteers have worked on this project for two years, consulting the community along the way. The displays at the CIM will portray this work, including the results of these consultations. The meeting record will document people’s support for the project as well as their concerns.

The CIM will be preceded by an on-site session at Lot M, 3730 Denman Road (the narrow lane immediately west of the Guest House property), starting at 2:00 pm. The session is intended to allow islanders to see the proposed site. If you can’t attend then, please come on September 10th, when a work bee is being held from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. If you are able to help – and we’d love to have some more volunteers – bring gloves, pruning tools, shovels and enthusiasm. The work bee is a great time to examine the property, chat with DCLTA board members and visualize the project.

Please mark September 17th on your calendar, and come and contribute to the “community conversation” on this project. For more information about DCLTA and the proposal, visit our website at

submitted by Harlene Holm

Island Grapevine

August 24, 2017


August 2017

...eau, wasser, agua ...WATER!

Of the many hurdles the Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) has encountered in the Seniors’ Affordable Housing Project, finding an adequate source of potable water has been the most stressful and potentially expensive undertaking. Is the drilling location optimal? How deep will the drillers need to go? Will the result be salt water?

The good news is that, after two and a half hours of drilling on July 5th, the well was yielding three gallons of fresh water per minute at a depth of eighty feet — an excellent rate for Denman Island and more than sufficient for the proposed eight units (four duplexes).

Thank you to Red Williams Well Drilling Ltd., to Steve Carballeira for his excellent advice, and to the volunteers who helped clear access to the site.

As the Seniors’ Affordable Housing Project moves forward, DCLTA welcomes volunteers to take on tasks and/or provide expertise. As an association committed to providing affordable housing here on Denman and as a registered charity, DCLTA seeks donations and bequests in support of this mandate. To make a donation, use the envelopes tucked in our red file at Abraxas under “Z” (the D slot is full) or access the PayPal button on our website at For information about setting up a bequest, contact us at

  1. Don’t forget that tickets to DCLTA’s 2017 Sixth Annual Phantom Ball go on sale August 1st. The Phantom Ball is an imaginary gala event that lets you stay home and be there in spirit. This year’s Ball is on Equinox, September 22nd. Tickets are available at Abraxas and at the August 5th and September 2nd Market Day. Buy soon and buy often. ✩

submitted by Harlene Holm


August 2017


June 2017

DCLTA: affordable housing Project 2 update

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) will soon be applying to amend the  Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaw to enable the creation of 8 dwelling units (four duplexes) dedicated to affordable housing for low income residents of Denman Island age 65 and over.

The land subject to the bylaw amendment and strata subdivision process is Parcel M, Section 18 (3730 Denman Road). The application will propose that this four acre parcel be divided into two 2-acre parcels, with the parent property retained by the owner.

To advance this project, DCLTA has undertaken measures involving research, outreach and two regulatory changes to alter the status of the property.

Two work bees and many hours of individual volunteer work have opened up the project area. Our next step is to host a pre-application community information meeting, which is tentatively scheduled for July.

At its May 2nd meeting, we requested that the Local Trust Committee (LTC) consider adopting an “affordable housing first” policy that gives priority to any application relating to an affordable housing initiative. This tool is described in the 2010 Islands Trust Affordable Housing Tool Kit and is proposed as an effective way of streamlining and facilitating affordable housing projects.

An “affordable housing first” policy would fast track the amendment process and enhance cooperation within the process, shrink time lags and reduce fees. For the full text of DCLTA’s presentation to the LTC, please check our website:

submitted by Harlene Holm


April 2017

Island Grapevine

March 23, 2017

Table Tennis Tournament Triumph

Table tennis competitors and fans invaded the Activity Centre once again for a weekend of friendly and very high-level competition. This was the 8th annual tournament! Undeterred by the last snow fall of the year (we hope!) serious players from places as far afield as Cortes Island took on our Denman hometown defenders. The results:

NOVICE SINGLES: 1) Sam Kuzma (Cumberland) 2) Thor Zupanec (Gabriola Island) 3) Wendy Neufeld (Denman Island)

WOMENS SINGLES: 1) Jane Lighthall (Denman Island) 2) Wendy Boothroyd (Denman Island) 3) Wendy Neufeld (Denman Island)

RECREATIONAL SINGLES: 1) Robin Fagnan (Victoria) 2) Stewart Goodings (Denman Island) 3) Sam Kuzma (Cumberland)

RECREATIONAL DOUBLES: 1) Robin Fagnan / Stewart Goodings (Victoria / Denman Island) 2) Wendy Boothroyd / Jane Lighthall (Denman Island) 3) Ian Elliot / Robin Mayor  (Denman Island)

COMPETITIVE DOUBLES: 1) Axel Nagorny / Fred Sherbourne (Cortez Island / Courtenay) 2) Adam Kuzma / Max Porcher (Cumberland / Courtenay) 3) Malkolm Boothroyd / Peter Cloud Panjoyah (Denman Island / Hornby Island)

COMPETITIVE SINGLES: 1) Axel Nagorny (Cortez Island) 2) Max Porcher  Courtenay) 3) Fred Sherbourne (Courtenay)

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) was in charge of the kitchen this year. The approximately $2,000 raised from food sales will go toward our Project 2: Seniors’ Affordable Housing. Our heart-felt thanks to the nearly 30 talented cooks who generously donated delicious salads, entrees, and desserts. Special thanks to Gloria Michin, Louise Bell, Paddy O’Connell, Sue Crowther, Jennifer Ellenton, Carole Vosburgh, Doreen Tetz, and Peter Marshall.

Submitted by Susan-Marie Yoshihara

Island Grapevine

March 2 & 9, 2017

DCLTA’s 2017 Table Tennis Tournament Fundraiser

Next weekend, Saturday March 11 and Sunday March 12, the Eighth Annual Denman Island Table Tennis Tournament will take place at the Activity Centre (formerly the Seniors’ Hall).  Admission is free, and there will be a buffet in the lounge.  You will be able to watch fast and exciting action at six tables, our own stars and competitors from off the island.  There are basically two categories, competitive and recreational, and if you are a player and would like to enter your name in the competition, please call Peter Marshall at 250-335-0489.  The finals are on Sunday around noon.  The proceeds from entry fees and from the sale of food and beverages will go to DCLTA (Denman Community Land Trust Association) who are raising funds to provide affordable housing on Denman Island.

At least twenty of Denman Island’s most fabulous cooks have promised soups, elegant gourmet salads, chili, lasagna, several quiches, hot dogs for kids, tea, coffee, apple juice from Denman apples, and a separate table of delicious desserts and treats.  Don’t miss this opportunity to come and cheer for our own heroes and treat yourself to something from the buffet.

submitted by Jane Guest


March 2017

DCLTA’s 2017 Table Tennis Tournament Fundraiser

Is the winter beginning to get you down?  Longing for some excitement followed by a gourmet meal?  Sigh no more, the Denman Island Table Tennis Tournament is coming up on Saturday, March 11 and Sunday, March 12 at the Activity Centre (formerly known as the Seniors’ Hall).  This will be fast championship table tennis played by our own stars plus competitors from off the island.  They will play in six categories, novice open singles, women’s singles, recreational open singles, competitive open singles, recreational open doubles and competitive open doubles.  This provides opportunities for all levels, beginning with kids and novices and ending with the most exciting match, competitive open singles.  If you are interested in competing please call Peter Marshall at 250-335-0489 for further details.  Gold, silver and bronze medals will be won, the top prize going to the winner of the competitive open singles final match which will take place around midday on Sunday.  The winner of the recreational category, whether child or adult, automatically advances to the competitive category in next year’s tournament.

Delicious food will be ready for players and spectators in the lounge, as well as coffee, tea and apple juice, starting at 8:00 a.m.  This year DCLTA (Denman Community Land Trust Association) whose aim is to provide affordable housing for long term Denman Island renters with low incomes, will be providing the food on the buffet tables on both Saturday and Sunday. There will be soup, chili, quiches, all kinds of elegant salads, hot dogs for the kids, and a dessert table, if you can tear yourself away from the action in the gym for a break.  We are asking our friends from among the many amazing cooks on Denman Island to cook or make something, and we hope there will be no leftovers.

Finally, there will be a 50/50 draw.  Tickets will be sold on both days, and the draw will take place at the prizegiving ceremony on Sunday afternoon.  Some keen gardeners may be desperate to get going in their gardens as soon as the snow has all gone, but we hope everybody will spare a few minutes over the weekend to attend this thrilling annual event and cheer for their friends and neighbours and kids who will be playing.

submitted by Jane Guest


February 2017

DCLTA & the Affordable Housing Lexicon

Affordable, near market, below market, low income.... The lexicon of language relating to affordable housing is confusing to say the least!

Affordable is an exceedingly broad term. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), affordable housing should cost less than 30% of household income. Given that everyone needs affordable housing, the problem arises in the math. A household with an income of $1,200,000 could pay $30,000 per month in rent or mortgage payments ($1,200,000 x 30% ÷ 12); with an income of $120,000, the household could manage $3,000; and with an income of $12,000, it could manage $300—not enough for rent and certainly not enough for mortgage payments. As illustrated by this example, the term “affordable” needs to be linked with a defined “low income.”

Low income is another term that is much used and rarely defined. The Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) defines low-income families and individuals as those earning less than 120% of the Statistics Canada low income cut-off (LICO*). This definition is enshrined in DCLTA’s Constitution and is integral to the organization’s status as a registered charity. DCLTA’s definition adds 20% to Statistics Canada’s income threshold for rural populations in recognition of the higher cost of living on Denman Island.

  1. *LICO sets an income threshold below which a family will likely devote a larger share of its income to the necessities of food, shelter and clothing than an average family would. Thresholds include incomes for 7 family sizes and for 5 population densities including “rural.”

Low Market Value and Below Market Value are similarly vague terms. They describe real estate properties and rentals offered at prices lower than those for comparable properties. For example, if the average monthly rent for a two bedroom house is $1,200 a month, a similar home in the area renting for anything less would be considered low or below market value regardless of how close the rents are.

Terms describing affordable housing need careful scrutiny. DCLTA clearly establishes what the organization means by low income: 120% of the LICO. DCLTA charges rent at no more than 30% of this income. DCLTA’s Tenancy Selection Procedure (enshrined in Denman Island Bylaw No. 205) also includes “the length of the applicant’s connection to
Denman Island.”

Using this lexicon, DCLTA is committed to creating secure, long-term, affordable housing for low-income earners and those on low fixed incomes with a residential commitment to Denman Island. Housing projects undertaken by DCLTA are designed to suit housing needs, the size of the land parcel, the nature of the neighbourhood, the environmental values, the location and, when not in conflict with DCLTA’s mandate, the property donor’s wishes. DCLTA recognizes that affordable housing can be provided in many forms. This flexibility is necessary, given DCLTA’s dependence on the availability of land and its most appropriate use.

submitted by Harlene Holm

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