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December 4, 2014

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA)

is a registered non-profit society (2008) with charitable status (2009) mandated to hold land in perpetuity for the creation of affordable housing.

In the year 2014, DCLTA completed —

its pilot project, an affordable house on 1.2 hectares of donated land on Chickadee Road.

the Seniors’ Affordable Housing Needs Project Report thanks to a CVRD Grant-In-Aid. This report is a key building block for DCLTA's applications for funding and bylaw changes necessary for the creation of the 8-10 housing units in the village area.

DCLTA extends a heartfelt thank you to those who donated ideas, expertise, money, and materials. Special thanks go to Steve Ord and his construction team on DCLTA’s pilot project.

In 2015, DCLTA will continue to work, step by step, toward the purchase of land and necessary approvals for the Seniors’ Affordable Housing Project and to seek additional affordable housing opportunities.

A DCLTA annual membership is $5.00. A donation of $20 or more covers both a membership and an official tax receipt. As always, DCLTA’s wish list includes acquiring land to meet a wide variety of housing needs for residents whose income is “less than 120% of the low income cut-off amounts published by Statistics Canada” (DCLTA constitution).


October 2014

Phantom Ball Kudos

The 2014 Phantom Ball was a ‘phantastic’ success!

The music was out of this world and celebrity sightings boggled the mind.
Annie Siegel and Joni Mitchell sang "Dreamland" with two of Canada's famous Justins as backup.  Daryl was seen chatting with Bill Murray.  Check the Cloud
for stunning gala photos.

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) would like to thank 
Denman's many volunteers who didn't help set up, didn't check for ID's and
didn't clean up afterwards.  A special thanks to Abraxas where tickets were made available to all—scalpers included.

Most of all, thank you to all those who bought Phantom Ball tickets in support of affordable housing on Denman Island.

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July 24, 2014

2014 Phantom Ball

Ticket sales for the 2014 Phantom Ball begin July 24th with an August 2nd Early Bird Draw.

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) is proud to announce its third annual Phantom Ball scheduled for midnight of the autumnal equinox. Ticket sales support the creation of affordable housing on Denman Island.

Buy your ticket early and buy often. The Phantom Ball is a black tie fundraising event you do not have to attend. The gala’s theme song, "It's Only Make Believe,” says it all.

Tickets go on sale July 24th at Abraxas and are also available at DCLTA’s August 2nd and August 30th Market Day booths. Ticket options are — one non-admission:  $5.00; one non-admission including dessert table (BYOD):  $10.00; and one non-admission including potluck banquet:  $20.00.

If you buy your ticket between July 24th and August 2nd, be sure to enter the early bird draw. The early birds were 'hatched' by fabulous creative threads volunteer Jean Cockburn. And, yes, the prize is the early bird.

submitted by Harlene Holm


July 2014

  DCLTA Summer 2014 Update 

Background:  The Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) was formed in 2008 by islanders seeking a way to address the displacement of lower income residents as land prices soared and affordable rentals dwindled. DCLTA chose a land trust model to hold land in perpetuity for affordable housing. We have charitable status, an ever expanding store of experience, a wealth of legal templates and a regularly updated website at

DCLTA’s pilot project is now in the construction phase. A second project—seniors affordable housing in a perfect setting—is currently at the discussion and advice-seeking stage. CMHC is including DCLTA in a case study/best practices document focussing on Community Land Trust initiatives.

Wish List:  DCLTA is always seeking land for affordable housing and donations to support the costs of creating secure, quality housing. Memberships ($5.00), advice, expertise and in-kind assistance all provide essential support; however, the cost of land still remains a significant speed bump.

Our affordable housing wish list includes (1) a large parcel of ALR land adjacent to or including a portion of land outside the ALR designation to support a collective farm; (2) a large and water rich parcel of non-ALR land which would allow a number of houses with space for garden, privacy and independence; (3) a parcel near the village area to offer affordable housing for seniors—a wish that may soon come true; and (4) any land opportunity—which combined with just the right amount of creativity would make the impossible possible.

Regulatory projects:  DCLTA also initiates projects which might reduce housing costs and provide more affordability for islanders generally. In 2013, DCLTA submitted its Rural Affordable Housing Final Report including the recommendation that the bylaws be aligned with the Agricultural Land Commission regulations which support the creation of suites in ALR (54% of land on Denman). The Report, also, urged the ALC to expand its regulations to allow collective farms and the use of mobile dwellings to
house farm folks. Our 2014 Wastewater Report explores septic and greywater options. Both reports are on the website. DCLTA is currently advertising for a project worker to sieve through existing data and add updates to provide a snapshot of seniors' affordable housing needs on island.

Contacting DCLTA:  The Land Trust is as close as its website and via email:, mail: 3900 Lacon Road or the red DCLTA envelope at Abraxas and phone: 335-2691. DCLTA has a booth every Market day long weekend. Look for the logo which reflects the DCLTA mandate:

submitted by Harlene Holm

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June 26, 2014

More About Project Worker Needed

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) has been awarded a CVRD Grant-In-Aid to hire an islander to collate, sort through and update existing information on seniors' affordable housing needs.

The need is clear, but funders generally require documented evidence as part of any grant application.

The project identifies at least 8 sources of information for sifting. Please contact DCLTA to suggest other possible sources and help assure that the project creates a true snapshot of needs.

The project is scheduled for August (40 hours at $25/hr). For more information, please email or phone 335-2691. Applications close July 10th.

Submitted by Harlene Holm

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Box Ad

June 19 & 26, 2014

Island Grapevine

June 12, 2014

Report on the DCLTA 2014 AGM

On May 28 Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) held its sixth AGM at the Old School. The usual AGM business was conducted and approved. Many thanks were offered to supporters on island who helped out in a myriad of ways over the year.

Members were interested in the progress of our first project. DCLTA now holds title to a property on the ridge and the first tenant will be building a small house which will ultimately become DCLTA housing stock. In this first offer of donated land the donor stipulated who would be the first tenant. As this person fit the DCLTA criteria of being a resident of Denman, living below the Revenue Canada Low Income Cut Off (LICO), and who was in need of stable long term housing we were happy to accept the offer of land.

The complex process of bylaw changes, creating a housing agreement and a land lease agreement has been extra long and tedious, but has provided precedents that can be replicated on future projects. The CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation) is using our project as a case study.

Our potential second project for affordable seniors’ housing in the downtown core is now under consideration. Whether it will be two acres subdivided off the current owner’s property or an outright purchase of the full 4 acres with a life estate for the owner or a bare land strata is still undecided at this point. Whatever we do will need to be approved by the Agricultural Land Commission. Subdivision can trigger extensive driveway, access, turnaround and septic needs. This project could create up to 12 dwelling units, probably configured as duplexes. DCLTA takes in to consideration the land size, location, neighbourhood and environmental issues as part of designing a project. With DCLTA's potential second project, all considerations suit seniors' affordable housing.

Jenny Balke reported on some of her research on Wastewater Management Systems; information that will be very helpful to DCLTA and of benefit to islanders generally. Did you know that it is now possible to lay out a septic field in a forest? All the information is available on the DCLTA website. This research was possible thanks to a Comox Valley Regional District Grant-In-Aid.

The Board of Directors was voted in as follows: Susan Marie Yoshihara, Anne de Cosson, Harlene Holm, Guy Marion and Annie Siegel.

Door prizes of jams and honey were won by Danni Crenna, Simon Palmer, Jane Lighthall and Denise MacKean.

submitted by Anne de Cosson


May 2014

      DCLTA’s AGM May 28th ~ Short and Sweet     

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) will hold its sixth annual AGM on Wednesday, May 28th at 7:30 in the Old School Conservancy Room.

Please join DCLTA as we report on the activities and achievements of the past year.

DCLTA was formed in 2008 in response to the concern in this community over the growing lack of affordable housing. The Land Trust model was adopted in order to secure land for affordable housing by removing it from the fluctuations of price and ownership that are displacing neighbours and friends, and reducing diversity.

As a non-profit society, DCLTA is made up of volunteers and is enabled by generous islanders who donate funds, time and expertise. If you are interested in joining the Board, please email us at Memberships will be available at the May 17th Market Day, at the May 28th AGM and by mail to 3900 Lacon Road, Denman Island BC, V0R 1T0 (make your cheque payable to DCLTA).

Please plan to attend the May 28th AGM; community support and input is essential to our success. DCLTA's pilot project is "shovel ready," and the seniors' affordable housing project is taking its first steps. For copies of the Rural Affordable Housing Project report and the Review of Sewage Systems for Denman Island report, visit DCLTA's website at

The May 28th AGM will be short and sweet—the "sweet" comes from a door prize featuring three island delights: Oregon grape jelly, strawberry jam and honey.


April 2014

DCLTA Mini-Update

What's in a name?

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) is seeking a name for its second Project—up to 8-units of seniors' affordable housing.  Suggestions can be emailed to or dropped off in DCLTA's red file at Abraxas Free Post by April 15th.

               … And, no, Dingle Dell is not Denmanish.

Only on Denman could a report on Wastewater Management Systems make the reader's list.

Jenny Balke's Review of Sewage Systems for Denman Island is complete and can be found at  The report tracks the septic/sewerage/wastewater legislative labyrinth

and explores greywater and rainwater collection options.


February 2014

Winter Snapshots

Denman Community Land Trust Association — DCLTA ➪ Affordable Housing

DCLTA’s housing pilot project is complete thanks to a generous landowner and three years of island tenacity = 10 documents filed

in the Land Registry.

The DCLTA Greywater Project entered Phase II Options for Domestic Sewage Systems—researching green & affordable & approvable black water, dark-grey water and light-greywater disposal.

First steps have been taken to create a 5+/- affordable housing for residents 65+ thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding between DCLTA and a marvelously supportive landowner. Islanders are

invited to have a cup of tea with DCLTA on February 2 ( 2-4 p.m.)

at the Guest House. (Unit idea courtesy of Hornby Island Elder Housing Society)

DCLTA continues to search for donations, bequests and opportunities. Affordable housing projects are shaped by the available land, location and demographic need. The focus is always on low income earners, small scale, island sustainability and community integration.

Please email ideas, advice and offers of expertise to

DCLTA’s News File 2013

All rural houses depicted on this site are located on Denman Island

Photos:   John Millen

Website:   Guy Marion

Last updated:   January 13, 2016


Denman Community Land Trust Association

registered non-profit society August 2008

registered charity June 2009

BN 84223 0898 RR0001

DCLTA’s News File 2014