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January 2020

2019 Year-End Update from DCLTA

Autumn was a busy time for Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA). Below is a summary of recent efforts at the regulatory level. It does not include the fundraisers, work bees and day-to-day activities that keep us busy as a registered society with charitable status and a mandate to create secure, long-term affordable housing for low-income residents of Denman Island.

Oct. 3rd – DCLTA asked the Local Trust Committee (LTC) to delay giving first reading to the draft bylaws that would amend Denman’s Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaw to rezone land for the Seniors’ Affordable Housing project as “Residential Rental Tenure (R4).” This gave DCLTA time to prepare its case for requesting significant changes to better reflect and support the Seniors’ proposal.

Nov. 6th – DCLTA met with Islands Trust planners to explore concerns regarding R4 requirements that do not reflect the design and layout of the project and to emphasize the need for staff to draft the necessary Housing Agreement.

Nov. 7th – LTC gave first reading to Bylaw No. 235 and 236, which in broad terms introduce the proposed R4 zone and which also set out site-specific regulations for Denman Green, the project proposed by the Denman Housing Association.

Nov. 28th – DCLTA resolved a lane access issue with the Agricultural Land Commission to the benefit of both the ALC and the Seniors’ proposal.

Dec. 6th – At its monthly board meeting, DCLTA reviewed notes from its Nov 6th meeting with Trust staff and subsequently emailed staff to underscore the fact that the proposed setbacks for the new R4 zone interfere with the layout of the dwelling units and eliminate use of an area needed for the wastewater drain field and the utility shed. In addition, DCLTA expressed concern that aspects of the proposed R4 zone may well meet with community opposition and result in more delays for the Seniors’ project.

As of Dec. 31st, the Acquisition Fund has exceeded 90% of the funds required to purchase the land intended for the Seniors’ project. Many thanks to the many generous donors!

January 2020 should see the conclusion of the long-awaited transfer of the lane easement, a major step toward allowing DCLTA to apply for strata subdivision to divide the parent lot (Lot M) into two 0.8 hectare parcels: one for the project and one for the existing landowner. Subdivision approval is the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI).

Please mark the next LTC meeting on your calendars, scheduled for January 21, 2020 at 12:30 in the lounge of the Denman Activity Centre. The LTC will review agency referrals for proposed Bylaws Nos. 235 and 236, which initiate the new R4 zone and rezone land for Denman Green. (Note that the draft bylaws for the seniors’ proposal are numbered 233 and 234). Also, the LTC will consider whether to accept the Water Licence issued by FLNRORD on Feb 20/19 as “proof of adequate potable water” for the Seniors’ proposal.

submitted by Harlene Holm


December 2019

Silent Auction Adds to Land Acquisition Fund

The Creative Oddments Silent Auction took in $4300, which will add directly to the money set aside to purchase land for the seniors’ affordable housing project. Venue rental and advertising costs were covered by donations and by the Denman Community Land Trust Association’s chequing account.

DCLTA would like to thank those who contributed the wonderfully eclectic items, which ranged from a stainless steel food dehydrator to two pairs of exquisite silver earrings.

Two dozen volunteers helped organize the event, in addition to the DCLTA board members. Many thanks to these folks.

* Somehow a stunning and generous collection of marvellous items was donated and, in record time, bidding sheets were prepared by Louise Bell.

* Somehow Pelka Wiltshire transformed a regular gym into a space that embodied a visual invitation, offered enticement to sit and chat, and exhibited an undeniably professional touch.

* Somehow, when it was all over, the space once more became a gym in readiness for the next event.

The final thanks go to all who attended the auction, coming to peruse the dazzling array of tempting oddments and adding their bids to support this worthwhile cause.

submitted by Harlene Holm

Island Grapevine

November 28, 2019


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November 2019

Delay for the Seniors’ Affordable Housing Proposal

At the October 3rd meeting of the Local Trust Committee (LTC), first reading of the draft bylaws was delayed at the request of the applicant and DCLTA.

After waiting two years for the drafting of enabling bylaws, DCLTA was dismayed to find aspects of draft Bylaws 233 and 234 that would effectively prevent completion of the Seniors’ Affordable Housing proposal.

We asked for a delay until the LTC’s January meeting to give us time to overcome these barriers, and to present our case for changes to the draft bylaws that reflect and support the proposal.

Stay tuned!  We are working on the issues plus meeting with Trust staff.

submitted by Harlene Holm


November 2019

Island Grapevine

October 31, 2019



October 2019


October 2019

Draft Bylaws for the Seniors’ Affordable Housing Project

The Islands Trust staff has informed Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) that draft bylaws for the Seniors’ Affordable Housing Project will be on the agenda for the October 3rd meeting of the Local Trust Committee (LTC). The meeting is scheduled to begin at 12:30 in the Activity Centre lounge.

Several parts of the preliminary draft bylaws – introduced for information only at the June 6, 2019 LTC meeting – are worrying to DCLTA. Please consider attending this important October 3rd meeting to understand the potential impact of the proposed bylaws on the Seniors’ Affordable Housing Project.

The agenda package for the October 3rd meeting should be available 5 business days prior to the meeting (that is, on September 26th) at  Under “Upcoming Meetings,” click on “Denman Island LTC Meeting, Oct 3, 2019,” and then click on “Agenda Package.”

The first few pages of the package are the meeting agenda, which provides an estimated time when the draft bylaws will come up for discussion. The agenda also provides a page number within the package for the bylaws and accompanying staff report.

Thank you for your support of Seniors’ Affordable Housing on Denman Island.

Submitted by Bonnie Adams


October 2019

2019 Phantom Ball

DCLTA’s 8th annual affordable housing fundraiser featured island celebrities, globe trotters, the rich and famous, and those accidentally stumbling into the non-event of 2019.

Thank you to all who didn’t billet the many performers, arrange delectables and refreshments, oversee set up, or tidy after the food fight [baked Alaska always invites excess].

Thank you to the Grapevine for covering the gala, complete with photos. May you soon be released pending non-disclosure agreements.

Special thanks to all of you who bought tickets.

submitted by Guy Marion


September 2019


August 2019


July 2019

What’s happened recently for the Senior’s Affordable Housing Project?

* The Agricultural Land Commission has approved the Vegetative Buffer and Fencing Plan submitted by DCLTA in January this year. An acceptable plan was a condition for excluding the project’s two acres from the ALR.

* DCLTA has received $3,000 from the Regional District’s Grant-In-Aid program. Kudos to our Area A Director Daniel Arbour and to Area C Director Edwin Grieve for supporting our request. The grant will be used to upgrade the nine-foot-deep groundwater research well into storage for the project’s non-domestic water system.

* Islands Trust staff has completed a preliminary draft of the bylaw amendments needed for the rezoning. Despite receiving the document just one day before the June 6th LTC meeting, Denman’s trustees were prepared and ready with changes they wanted to see at the next LTC meeting (July 4th). DCLTA has suggested seven changes, providing the rationale for each change.

submitted by Harlene Holm


June 2019

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) Update

A big THANK YOU to the islanders who, at the April 24th Local Trust Committee (LTC) meeting, set up a seniors’ homeless camp and provided Raging Granny-style songs to show support for seniors’ affordable housing and encourage the LTC to help meet this need. Also, THANK YOU to Trustee Critchley for proposing the Trust staff draft the amending bylaws and to Trustee Busheikin for voting to support this motion. Unfortunately, Trustee Critchley’s second motion – that staff have a first draft of the amending bylaws ready for consideration at the next LTC meeting (June 6th) – did not have a seconder, which means the motion was not even discussed. In terms of lengthy delays, we may be no further ahead. DCLTA made the initial application Sept. 6, 2017!

This was followed by a DCLTA presentation to the LTC meeting, again outlining the need for the rezoning bylaw to move forward and identifying suitable mechanisms to deal with the delay for this 2017 application.

DCLTA remains committed to the seniors’ affordable housing project slated for a property in the village area, an ideal location. As a newer board member, I am learning that it is a long road getting from the idea to the reality, with many steps and challenges along the way.

Many steps have moved the project forward in the last quarter:

  1. Water – On February 20th, Seniors’ Affordable Housing proposal (Project 2) received the necessary water licence from FLNRORD (Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development) and on April 16th we met with VIHA/ Island Health’s Environmental Health Officer and the Regional Drinking Water Co-ordinator to discuss the proposed Seniors’Affordable Housing project’s water requirements.

  1. Funding – On March 7th, a DCLTA representative met with CMHC to introduce Project 2 and explore funding opportunities. The necessary amending bylaws would allow ownership of the land so DCLTA could to be eligible to apply to the National Housing Fund. We are also reviewing a BC Housing grant, though it may be out of reach because work must be completed within a 12 month window.

  1. Outreach – On March 7th, DCLTA made a presentation to the LTC meeting to outline the need for the rezoning bylaw to move forward and to summarize DCLTA’s plans to reduce water use below the optimum draw down set by the Water Licence – not because the site is without adequate water but simply because water conservation should be part of a project such as ours. On April 16th, DCLTA held its annual general meeting (AGM). Thank you to all who attended. Finally, on April 17th, DCLTA met with the new Regional Director Daniel Arbour to introduce the project and walk the proposal site.

  1. ALR Exclusion – On May 13th, the Agricultural Land Commission informed DCLTA that its proposal for the necessary vegetative buffer and fencing has been accepted. This step completes the conditions required for exclusion of the project’s two acres from the ALR.

Come and visit us at the DCLTA booth at the Farmers Market on the summer long weekends. We will be raffling a pottery delight, providing display information and happily answering questions.

submitted by Nancy Hoyano

Island Grapevine

May 2, 2019

Denman Seniors’ Affordable Housing

by Anthony Gregson

Photos by Dreadful Imagery

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April 2019


March 2019


March 2019

Affordable Housing & DCLTA

With its mandate to provide affordable housing for low income residents in need of secure housing, DCLTA is celebrating its 10th year as a charity. Our projects respond to the need for affordable housing, while taking into consideration the circumstances of those in need, the nature and location of available land, and Denman’s rural environment.

The Province’s purchase of the land that is now Denman Island Park and Protected Area eliminated the potential for establishing affordable housing on Crown land. On the plus side, this land is now designated as Conservation/Recreation in our OCP, which benefits the environment and all who enjoy the outdoors. As a consequence, however, DCLTA’s affordable housing projects depend on donations, fundraising, bequests, and legacies to facilitate the acquisition of land.

In the best of worlds, our next project could invite a partnership, with the land being held by DCLTA and the housing being held by a collective. This kind of partnership would allow DCLTA to maintain the affordability of the housing while the residents created and managed the housing (see our website for DCLTA’s definition of low income).

We anticipate that our second project, Seniors’ Affordable Housing, will achieve the rezoning necessary to purchase the land and begin construction of the 8 housing units (4 duplexes) before the close of 2019. The community has donated and pledged funds that cover 3/4 of the purchase price—and the amount is growing weekly. To review the activity log and other documents relating to this project, go to the DCLTA website, click on “Projects” in the top menu bar and, on the Projects page, select “click here” next to the Project 2 link.

Please help DCLTA achieve its mandate. Volunteer your expertise, labour, ideas and/or advice. Donate or add your pledge to the land purchase appeal (yes, the info is on the website under Project 2). Consider donating land or leaving a legacy to help with future projects. Contribute to DCLTA fundraising events and raffles. Your help will make a lasting difference.

submitted by Harlene Holm


February 2019

An Invitation From Sandra Martindale.

Denman Community Land Trust Association (DCLTA) began ten years ago when there was much talk about the demand for affordable housing and in the intervening decade has continued to work toward meeting this need. The current project will address an acute need for affordable housing for seniors. The community has now helped raise nearly 75% toward the land purchase for the project in the village area.

To support DCLTA, Sandra has offered to donate $500 to the Seniors’ Affordable Housing Project. If another islander matches this amount, then she will double her donation! (She will never be told who matched the funds.)

She wants to encourage Denman Islanders to help DCLTA meet its current goal to raise $100,000 for the land purchase and she knows that just a few more donations like hers will make this possible. This past fall a similar challenge from a generous islander brought in donations and pledges totalling $2,000.

Make your cheque payable to “DCLTA”, include the word “invitation” in the memo line and mail it to DCLTA, 3900 Lacon Rd., Denman Island, BC V0R 1T0. A tax receipt will be issued.

submitted by Nancy Hoyano


January 2019

DCLTA’s News File 2018

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